Vitiligo Treatment in Adyar

Best Vitiligo Treatment Doctor in Adyar

Looking for the Best Doctors For Vitiligo Treatment in Adyar? We have best Vitiligo Treatment Doctor in Adyar, Vitiligo Specialist in Adyar, Thiruvanmiyur, Besant Nagar, Perungudi. “Certain diseases donot take life but ruin it”. Vitiligo is one such disease with considerable psychosocial distress especially more noticeable in darker skinned individual. It is a common scenario where a patient enters a Dermatologist’s clinic with a panic,”Doc, I have a white patch,do something to take it off..”. Vitiligo is not a dreadful disease but the mere diagnosis creates a havoc to the family . Vitiligo is an ancient disease with an element of stigma deep rooted to destroy the prospects of marriage and marital discord. Childhood vitiligo markedly affects the self esteem of the child with longlasting effect on the overall growth and personality development.

“Vitiligo patients are just differently colored, let us add color to their life by understanding the disease to dispel the myths and eliminate the stigma”.